Moon River Software is a privately held software company based near Worcester, Massachusetts. For the phonetically challenged, it’s pronounced “Woosta”. For the geographically challenged, Worcester is located about an hour West of Boston.

Moon River Software was founded by Mike Taber in August of 2005, and became its first full-time employee in October of that year. Initially, the company primarily did consulting work and included development for .NET, web applications, database tools, an embedded Linux appliance, a former military simulation toolkit, and more.

Eventually, the consulting work increased to the point that Moon River Consulting was created to handle it, becoming a Symantec Gold Partner literally overnight. Clients for Moon River Consulting include six Fortune 100 companies and dozens of “smaller” companies where we worked on a variety of projects, mainly around systems management and security.

Today, Moon River Software continues it’s founding function. We provide great software tools for small and medium businesses at affordable price points.