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Below is a short list of the products and/or websites that we have had a hand in developing or promoting. This is not a complete list, nor is everything currently available. Some are undergoing transitions, but everything should eventually be back and all are things we can talk about.

AuditShark – AuditShark is an audit and compliance tool designed for third party auditors who perform system audits on behalf of their customers. Traditional compliance tools require that you purchase a license for each target host and assume that the user is going to continuously audit those systems for compliance throughout the year. In our experience, this is simply not realistic. Many companies are only subject to quarterly, twice-yearly, or annual audits. In these cases, it is simply not cost effective to purchase the software licenses.

AuditShark is designed for companies who need to get a handle on their compliance, but don’t have the resources to allocate to it full time, nor do they have the money to spend on consultants every month. We’ve combined the power of an enterprise tool with the simplicity of a small business tool that can be up and running in minutes without assistance, rather than days or weeks and requiring consulting services. And all of this at a price point that is a fraction of what most vendors charge.

Dot Net Forum software – Dot Net Forum is a straightforward and easy to use forum software product designed to be integrated into your application. You’ll find that adding Dot Net Forum into your website can be as easy as installing the product as-is. Do you need to customize it? No problem. Every license entitles you to the C# .NET source code, the SQL Server stored procedures and the Visual Studio project files. Still not sure? Buy it anyway and if it doesn’t meet your needs, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. How many vendors can say that?

Micropreneur Academy – The Micropreneur Academy is primarily the brainchild of Rob Walling, of Software By Rob fame. In early 2009, Rob approached Mike Taber to ask for assistance with building out the Micropreneur Academy into a place where software entrepreneurs could come to get help launching their own products. The dynamic duo (sans tights of course) teamed up and have built the Micropreneur Academy into a thriving community of software entrepreneurs. Several hundred developers from around the world have signed up since it launched, and more are joining every day.

The Micropreneur Academy features 11 core modules consisting of more than 75 targeted lessons relating to building a software company and launching successful products. These lessons are available in several formats including PDF, HTML and MP3. In addition, many of the lessons contain additional information such as task check lists, worksheets, spreadsheets, video screencasts, and more. Additionally, more than a dozen in-depth case studies on products launched by Mike, Rob, and several Academy members are featured.

If you ever thought about building your own software company or launching your own products, take advantage of the collective 20 years of experience of Mike and Rob today with a 7 day trial for only a penny. If you’ve already launched a product and are having problems with the marketing, it’s not too late to save it from obscurity.

Single Founder Blog – Mike started blogging on August 21st, 2005 on the domain of miketaber.net. He’d waited too long to get miketaber.com and wasn’t quite sure at the time what face he wanted to put onto his blog. Over the next two years, he came to realize that too many people were saying that it was impossible to create a software startup. The idea struck him to get singlefounder.com, yet still he waited. When he made the decision, it was too late. Fast forward two years and the domain name became available again and this time, Mike snagged it without a second thought.

Today, you can read articles on various topics around software startups, development, marketing, and building your own company from the ground up as a single founder. The fact is that you can build a software startup on your own. Mike has been living that dream successfully since 2005 and you can read more about it at The Single Founder Blog.

Startups For the Rest of Us Podcast – This Podcast is another joint venture of Rob Walling and Mike Taber. Both had been interested in creating a podcast, but neither had found a suitable counterpart until they came together with the Micropreneur Academy. The name was inspired in part by Mike’s blog article of the same name in 2006, which he wrote in frustration at Y-Combinator’s startup program because $2,000 just isn’t enough money to live on for three months while you build a startup when you have a wife, kids and a mortgage.

With this podcast, Mike and Rob share their collective wisdom on a variety of topics related to starting your own micro-software company. You can subscribe to this podcast either on the podcast website or in iTunes.